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Contests and Promotions

We are continuously offering a variety of opportunities to earn great rewards for recycling your waste through our programmes. Check this page often for new incentives!

From bonus TerraCycle points to upcycled and recycled products, we offer a variety of exciting rewards for participating in our programmes. View the list below for our current contests and incentives.

Snap  recycle   win! icon

Snap, Recycle and Win!

Recycling Programme: Fonterra Pouch recycling programme
Timeline: 5 June - 02 November 2018
Prize: 25 packs of upcycled products valued at $212 each and Anchor Uno vouchers!
How to win: Sign up to the Fonterra Pouch recycling programme, recycle and send us pictures of your collection location for a chance to win prizes!
Recyle   win icon

Colgate Community Garden Challenge Vote for your school!

Recycling Programme: Colgate Community Garden Challenge - Vote here!
Timeline: 01 August - 16 November 2018
Prize: 2 x recycled community garden sets & cool upcycled pencil cases packs for your school!
How to win: Send in shipments of oral care waste (over 2kg) and receive votes from the community for a chance to win prizes!